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Home Decors

Set your mood for elegance and purity. Accentuate your home with the timeless glass collections from Angeli Glass.

Fashion Accessories

Chic in glass. A vogue statement by Angeli Glass that breaks all boundaries in the glamorous world of fashion. If Swarovski are into crystal ornaments, Angeli Glass has its own fashion statement… handcrafted trinkets made from ‘Pyrex’ glass.

Gift Items

Special gifts for special people. With Angeli Glass, gift giving will be a touch of class in glass.


A wide range of collected glassworks by Angeli Glass.

Souvenirs and Give-aways

Glass memento. For corporate events or family gatherings, Angeli Glass has a design for you.

Plaques, Trophies and Medals

From the traditional wooden plaques and brass trophies, Angeli Glass conceptualized its own version of glass plaques and trophies for a more elegant and classy look.

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Behind Angeli Glass

“ To the ancient Egyptians, glass was almost as precious as gold. Only the pharaohs and noble families could afford it. “


Angeli Glass Products Specialties is a 100% Filipino owned company pioneering in the field of glass works industry in the Philippines. Since 1979, APS have been specializing in the art of blown and handcrafted glass.

Driven by passion and cultivated by quality, customer service satisfaction and on-time delivery, APS has founded its stead in both local and foreign markets. Believing that the Philippines be included in the “glass map”, APS has continually developed new ideas and products: from the simplest glass bubblet to the most intricate design; from the sparkling collections of miniatures to the dazzling showcase of centerpieces; and from crystal-clear ornament to the most psychedelic arrangement, Angeli Glass has made every piece a work of art.



The General Manager -

Rodolfo C. Salcedo is a Chemical Engineer who hails from Rosario, Batangas. He has earned the degree of BS Chemical Engineer in Mapua Institute Technology. Since 1985, Rudy has been the General Manager of the company.

In 1977, Rudy facilitated the set-up of a small basement workshop, where Angeli Glass all started. Crude tools, such as an improvised blow torched, together with simple tools from scrap irons were conceptualized to form the first blown glass bubblet.

The Design Manager -

“I want to place the Philppines in the ‘GLASS MAP’ of the world”…the vision of Angelita P. Salcedo…a native from Majayjay, Laguna. What started out a therapeutic hobby from a small basement has branched out in the market as Angeli Glass Products Specialties or APS.

Though a degree holder in BS Education from the University of the East, her unleashed passion for arts and design had been clearly modeled through her glassworks. At present, there are over a thousand design. No two pieces are exactly alike and each piece has its own story to tell.

Manufacturing Process : Handcrafted Glass

Philippine handicrafts are often associated w/ indigenous materials such as rattan, shells, and coconut. In APS, we have the traditional product line but the designs, materials and craftsmanship are not.

In 1981, APS began using Borosilicate Glass. These are imported materials from Corning U.S.A and also known as Pyrex Glass. The use of high quality materials led to a more diversified product lines and intricate designs.

To accent the beauty of art glass, wooden base enclosures, mirrors, flat glass, metal plates and imported glass paints are used.

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